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❓Did you know that a strong immune system will help you not only avoid a cold/flu bug, but even if you do get a bug the effects of it may last only hours if not a couple of days?

🤔Let’s face it we all want a strong immune system, especially nowadays to avoid getting not just cold/flu but also Covid.

🧫 Studies have shown that vitamin C have helped cure it.👀

👇🏽👇🏽(see link below for your own proof of this one of many studies) (I don’t make this stuff up.)


➡️➡️ In order to have a strong immune system, we must exercise, eat right and keep hydrated.  If you do not eat the proper nutrients your immune system may be sluggish in working the way that it should. 

🤗Our Cold and Flu relief drip💦contains the right amount of nutrients to replenish your body and strengthen your immune system. If you are already sick, it will help lesson symptoms and duration of a bug. 

💦Why choose our IV instead of taking a vitamin pill? Because IV will take it straight to the bloodstream targeting the specific cells it needs to target. You will get the full entire vitamin. A pill will only absorb a tiny percent as it has to bypass the digestive system. 

 👍🏽Ours contain; Saline or lactated ringers 

• Vitamin-C

• Zinc

• B-Complex   

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