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When registered nurse Carmen Morales couldn’t find IV hydration and vitamin infusions for her mother, she started thinking about making those services accessible not only for her own mom, but also for others. A Norwalk resident who has worked in a variety of healthcare roles from home care, care coordination and management to IV hydration drips and home injections, Morales said she has long loved being able to help patients achieve optimal health. On May 26, she took the next step in her more than ten-year nursing career with the opening of MorLux Nurse Concierge IV Infusions in Norwalk.

On-demand hydration services have become quite popular in recent years as people have sought them out to relieve everything from hangovers to migraines. MorLux Nurse Concierge IV Infusion offers the “Just Thirsty” (a basic hydration drip), as well as ones with a blend of vitamins and electrolytes like “Reboot Hangover” with saline, anti-inflammatory, zofran, B-complex for alleviating hangover symptoms and “Migraine Be Gone” with saline, magnesium, anti-Inflammatory, toredol and optional zofran for migraine relief.

The center will also give injections including insulin, fertility injections, B-12 and more. Some, although not all of the services, require a prescription, and clients are encouraged to bring a prescription if they already have one. MorLux Nurse Concierge IV Infusions won a contest to operate as a pop-up through June 30. From more than 30 applicants, MorLux was one of two local businesses that were chosen to receive a Washington Street storefront for two months. Local real estate collective AGW SONO and its marketing team, OnWashington, created the Washington Street Historic District contest in March.

“I would love to stay longer, it really depends on the business,” Morales said. Walk-ins are welcome, but you can schedule a consultation or make an appointment by visiting morluxnurse.com.

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