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Pharmacies / Medical Collaborators

Our specialized approach to you and your patients.

At Morlux Nurses we understand that when you subcontract our skilled nursing services, we will be a representation of you. We hold the upmost professional nursing services with the goal of increasing patient satisfaction and health outcomes. Our nurses are experienced and specialty trained on a broad spectrum of critical, IV, Sub Q, TPN and IM therapies. Our services model is always evaluated and accordingly updated to reflect the most on demand therapies for your pharmacy to provide the most competent, compassionate collaborate care for your patients. 

If there is a specific service that you are interested or that is not mentioned here, please call us or more information.  203-722-6773

  • Immunoglobulins, Immunotherapies of IVIG and SCIG

  • Biologic Therapies

  • Inotropic Therapies

  • Antibiotic Therapies

  • Teaching the first dose of many different medications

Immunoglobulin / IVIG Therapy Services

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